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PacificHost launches free Railgun CDN with its Hosting services
Posted by Rex Boyd on 17 April 2013 02:14 PM

PacificHost, a leading provider of Linux-based cPanel hosting solutions for social media and video sharing websites recently announced the addition of Railgun to its shared and reseller hosting services. Railgun works in conjunction with the CloudFlare CDN to cache both static and dynamic content; this has been shown to provide a 143% improvement in HTML load times.

In May of 2011, PacificHost added the CloudFlare CDN to its line of hosting products. This technology helped to increase website security, and help speed up static content. Despite caching up to 65% of a website, CloudFlare was unable cache the dynamic content. Railgun solves that problem by efficiently compressing dynamic content, and serving that in conjunction with the static HTML files. This in turn, reduces latency by allowing the visitor to retrieve all the content from the nearest CloudFlare datacenter.

 “CloudFlare has been a great addition to our hosting service, and when CloudFlare chose us to join their exclusive partner program for Railgun, we were ecstatic. A large majority of our customers run social media and video based websites, and this will not only help to deliver faster page times, but help make our customer’s websites more secure with their integrated security and analytics programs ,” said Thomas Perry, President and Founder of PacificHost.

In addition to offering CloudFlare for free, the company has chosen to include Railgun for free in its line-up of hosting products. PacificHost customers can activate Railgun by logging into their cPanel account, and clicking on the “CloudFlare” icon.

The company also announced that it will be tuning its server configurations for new shared and reseller servers, beginning in early May. These changes will include 32GB of DDR3 RAM, 2 Gigabit Ethernet cards, 12TB of space across Enterprise Sata drives, running on Hardware Raid 10. The new hardware is expected to increase speed and server capacity for PacificHost’s expanding video hosting market.

About CloudFlare
CloudFlare, Inc. brings the performance and security tools previously reserved for the Internet giants to the rest of the web. Powering thousands of websites, CloudFlare's free service accelerates performance, protects against attacks, and gets smarter as its community expands. CloudFlare can be setup on any website in less than five minutes without any hardware, software, or code changes.

For more information about Railgun, please visit

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PacificHost now includes CPremote backups for customers
Posted by Rex Boyd on 13 January 2013 05:17 PM

PacificHost, a leading provider of Linux-based cPanel hosting solutions for social media and video sharing websites recently announced the addition of CPremote to it's shared and reseller hosting services. CPremote gives customers the ability to view, manage, and restore backups of their account on PacificHost's remote servers.

PacificHost was previously using R1soft to manage it's backup services, however the system was plagued with issues and didn't provide a reliable way to perform, or restore backups. In late last year, PacificHost began working on implementing a new backup solution that would increase the reliability and ease of management for it's backup system.

The company maintains backups for thousands of customers across only a handful of backup servers, each with a storage capacity of up to 64TB of disk space. Utilizing custom coded software, the company was able to setup Rsync backups which it maintains for all of it's customers.

CPremote bridges the gap between command line, and GUI(graphical User Interface) by giving the customer the ability to restore their entire account, specific files, in addition to mail and MySQL databases. When the customer requests a restore, CPremote immediately contacts the backup server to restore the specified item. With this ability, customers no longer need to contact Pacifichost in order to restore their account.

This new backup functionality is immediately available to all Pacifichost Shared and Reseller customers. While the company does currently perform backups for its VPS customers, the ability for customers to restore directly from their VPS control panel is not currently available, however the company plans to release similar functionality for this later in the year.

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PacificHost Affiliate Manager recently featured in FeedFront Magazine
Posted by Rex Boyd on 09 January 2013 11:32 AM

We have a great team here at PacificHost, and we try our best to share our knowledge with others, and work on other projects and hobbies. Recently our Affiliate Manager wrote an article that was featured in FeedFront, the largest Affiliate Marketing Magazine. Be sure to head on over to FeedFront to see his article in the latest issue.

On that note we wish to welcome Travis to the PacificHost family, after recently been hired back in November he'll be celebrating 3 months working with us. Travis does a great job at helping our existing affiliates grow their business and relationship with PacificHost. If you're not an affiliate be sure to check out our Affiliate page because we're offering some awesome rewards. If you have any questions about our Affiliate Program please don't hesitate to contact Travis by emailing him at

Lastly, if you might happen to be in Las Vegas on Monday, January 14th, feel free to head over to the Affiliate Summit West at Caesers Palace. Travis will be in booth #405-411 so please stop by to see what he can do to help increase your commissions and help you formulate a strategy for higher conversions.

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CloudFlare Scheduled Network Maintenance on Thursday, January 10th
Posted by Rex Boyd on 09 January 2013 09:39 AM
CloudFlare Scheduled Maintenance
Thursday January 10 2013 21:00 - 23:00 UTC (1:00pm-3:00pm PST)
The CloudFlare account management system will be undergoing scheduled maintenance Thursday January 10 2013 from 21:00-23:00 UTC.
Global network service will operate normally with CloudFlare's performance, security and availability benefits.
During the maintenance period, customers will not be able to make changes to their CloudFlare account settings or add new accounts or domains. Both Host and Client APIs will be unavailable during the maintenance period. If your customer attempts to enable the service or make a change to their CloudFlare account through your control panel, they will see an error message.
Follow @CloudFlareSys on Twitter for system announcements at all times, including the maintenance period.
Follow @CloudFlare for quick help.

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PacificHost is proud to announce the release of Breezi – a new robust visual website builder – now available to customers through cPanel. The plugin gives customers the ability to create, design and manage a fully customizable, mobile optimized website with up to three pages for free.

“We saw a massive need in the web hosting space for a proper website builder solution,” says Chris Anderson, Co-founder of Breezi. “Customers sign up for a hosting account, and the next step is often to create a website. But many customers don’t know how, and have become increasingly frustrated with the tools available through their cPanel accounts.”

Website builders available for web hosts to offer customers through the control panel have traditionally been too restrictive and difficult to use, resulting in low adoption and disappointed customers. "When we were invited to test drive Breezi, we knew instantly this is something our customers would love,” said Thomas Perry, Founder of PacificHost. “The ability to design elegant, professional and beautiful websites has always been a rarity amongst website builders. However with Breezi, the only limitation is users' creativity & imagination. We're thrilled to be able to provide Breezi to all our hosting customers, and look forward to a prosperous relationship with Breezi.”

We love incorporating new features into our hosting service to enrich our product offering and provide more value to our customer’s. Breezi is also available to PacificHost resellers who can use it to make their hosting product more competitive as well.

Once a hosting company installs the simple plugin, customers can click the Breezi icon from their cPanel account and easily create a new website for free. They first select a professionally designed starting point theme, and then are taken into the online visual website editor. From there, content can be added through a library of apps, and the customer can modify the design and page layouts exactly how they’d like, with granular control over every aspect of the look and feel of their website.

Each website is mobile optimized automatically. When a customer is ready to publish their website, there’s a simple FTP Syncing feature that syncs their website files over to a newly generated FTP user on their hosting account. The customer can log into their Breezi account anytime, directly through the cPanel plugin icon. For customers that want to take their websites to the next level, there’s a Pro account upgrade option with pay-as-you-go billing at $1/hour of usage, or $15 per month.

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