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How can I upgrade or downgrade my account?
Posted by Pacific Host, Last modified by Pacific Host on 04 December 2011 08:31 AM

All of our services are designed to allow you to upgrade at your own pace. There are a 2 different upgrades you can make; we have listed the respective methods below. There are no additional fees involved for any upgrade path and if a migration is necessary we will transfer your site over free of charge.

Option A: Transfering from one hosting plan to another in the same product line. (Ex: Basic Web Hosting to Advanced Web Hosting plan)

This is a very easy upgrade process. There are no other fees involved as you will only be charged the prorated difference between the original and new plan. This option is only for clients who wish to modify their Shared, Business, Reseller, Vps or Hybrid service. If you are on a Dedicated Server you will need to open a ticket with our Sales Department for more information. Otherwise, follow these steps to modify your hosting plan:

1. Login to the Client Portal.
2. Click on the "Services" dropdown button followed by the "My Services" button.
3. Click on the "View Details" button for the plan that you wish to modify.
4. Under the "Management Actions" tab click the option to Upgrade/Downgrade the plan.
5. Choose the respective hosting plan.
6. Click the continue button, then Make Payment by clicking the Invoice Number.
7. Upon making payment your account will be upgraded/downgraded.

Option B: Transferring from one hosting service to another. (Ex: Web Hosting plan to a VPS Hosting plan)

This process is a little more difficult than the latter. We cannot directly upgrade one hosting service to another hosting service. So in this case you will need to order the plan you are moving to as a new hosting plan, then let us transfer your site over. Once your site has been moved then you would proceed to cancel the old plan. Follow the steps below to upgrade.

Note: If you are seeking a pro-rated credit for the unused time on your current plan, we will issue you this credit however only after you cancel your current plan, therefore you are required to pay the first invoice in full and then the credit will be applied to your account which will automatically apply itself to future invoices. The credit is applied when you submit a cancellation request for the old hosting service.

1. Login to the Client Portal.
2. Click on the "Services" dropdown button followed by the "Order New Services" link.
3. Choose the category for the plan you wish to move to and click the Order button for that plan.
4. Complete the checkout process and pay the invoice. 
5. If you ordered a VPS, Hybrid or Dedicated Server, please wait until your service is online before continuing. 
6. Once the service is online, you will need to fill out the Internal Transfer Request Form. (We highly recommend you create a backup of your account before continuing)
7. We will transfer your account over and advise you to change your nameservers so your website begins to point to your new hosting service.
8. Once you have verified that your website is pointing to your new hosting service, you can then cancel your old hosting service by filling out the Service Cancellation Request Form. In the notes section you can request a pro-rated credit for any remaining unused months in the old hosting plan you requested.

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