503 error being displayed on my website - HELP!
Posted by on 04 December 2011 11:06 AM
If your receiving a 503 error on your website it means you have exceeded the MBPS(megabytes per second) limit for your website. If your on shared or semi-dedicated hosting we recommend that you upgrade to a VPS or higher level semi-dedicated Hosting plan because your website is streaming out a large amount of megabytes per second which is limited with our shared hosting services in order to provide a fair experience to all customers (so no one customer can hog the transfer rates). 

To view your current transfer rate and Bandwidth used you can visit:

So in brief, if your getting this error it means that your site isn't suited for shared hosting and you'll need to either decrease the amount of transfer your receiving or upgrade to a higher level semi-dedicated plan, VPS or Dedicated hosting plan.
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