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How-To: WHM Setup Wizard for VPS clients
Posted by on 04 December 2011 11:09 AM

This tutorial walks you through the steps of going through the WHM Setup Wizard. This tutorial has been specifically designed for PacificHost clients on our VPS Hosting service.Each VPS may take up to 60 minutes to complete installation, you can only complete this tutorial after cPanel is fully installed and functional.

NOTE: We created an image tutorial to walk you through the steps, simply click on them to view them in full size.


Step 1. Once you login to WHM using "root" as the username and your password listed in the login information email you will be presented with the following Setup Wizard. The first page will simply ask you to agree, click the Agree button to continue to the next step.


Step 2. The next page will ask you for several pieces of information. Primarily the email contact you wish to have on the server as well as the hostname of the server.For the hostname, we recommend you use the same one that you specified when you signed up, as the primary domain you wish to use must resolve to the server or you will receive daily alerts that the hostname is not resolving correctly. So please ensure whichever hostname you choose, that it will be pointing to the server. Please click the image below for more information.


Step 3. This step will just list the IP Address(s) listed on the server itself. By default we assign 2 IPs to each VPS. The Main IP will serve as the IP for your hostname, NS1 Nameserver as well as all the cPanel accounts you create in WHM, unless specified otherwise. The 2nd IP will be used primarily as a NS2 Nameserver for your server however you can also choose to assign it to 1 other cPanel account in WHM. Please click the image below for more information.


Step 4. This step will list BIND as the default nameserver option. You can keep it or change it to NSD. NSD uses less RAM but can be a bit more unstable than BIND. Scrolling down the server will ask you for the default nameservers you wish to use. Simply enter them in the textboxes. Further below that, click on botch of the checkboxes and you will want to assign the "main ip" as the IP for your NS1 nameserver and the "secondary ip" as the IP for your NS2 nameserver. Furthermore you will want to create a DNS record for your hostname so that when your domain resolves to the server, the hostname will resolve to your web server. Please click the image below for more information.


Step 5. Here there is nothing to change and you can click the option to Skip the Step. You are welcome to make changes if you feel they are necessary but the default changes are fine the way they are.


Step 6. This Step Will start the Quota Check on your VPS. This is the system that counts how much disk space each account is using on your VPS. Simply click the "Finish Setup Wizard" button to complete the setup wizard.


Step 7. Once you see your WHM interface everything is complete and your server is ready to go. To get started you either need to transfer over your existing cPanel accounts by clicking the transfer link in WHM or filling out our transfer request form so we can do it OR creating a new cPanel account by clicking the create a new account link in WHM. Please check out our Video Tutorials for helpful information.


Note: Your VPS will by default may show a "Trial License" message in a yellow box at the top left. Do not worry about this as the message should disappear within a few days. It has no effect on your server whatsoever.

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