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How to setup LiteSpeed
Posted by Daniel Scope on 04 December 2011 11:10 AM

***This applies to our VPS and Dedicated Server clients only. All of our other services come with LiteSpeed for free.

If you are on a VPS or Dedicated Server and wish to have LiteSpeed you first need to order it as an addon in the Client Portal. Once you do, fill out our Server Addons Request Form and we'll issue a LiteSpeed license and then direct you to this article to complete the installation.

Your server already comes with LiteSpeed Installed but disabled. This tutorial will show you how to enter in the license key on your VPS and change the server from running Apache to LiteSpeed. Click the images below to view the image in full size.

1. Login to WHM on your server. You can do this by going to your Client Portal and clicking on the "WHM" button or by visiting your WHM directly through the IP Address listed in your original Login Information Email.

2. Once logged in, scroll to the very bottom in the left side panel. Once logged in, click on the link that says "LiteSpeed Web Server". Then click on the "Change License" link on the LiteSpeed Admin Page.

3. On this page you need to agree to the Terms. Enter in the License Key as a Product License and then click the Next button to install.

4. Verify that your license was accepted and then click the Go Back button to return to LiteSpeed Admin Area.

5. Click the "Build Matching PHP Binary" link

6. Click the Next button and do not touch the page. Let it load completely, this may take several minutes. Then at the end scroll to the bottom to see the result.

7. Once done, it should say complete. If not please contact support. If it says complete then click the "Go back" link.

8. Click the "Enable EasyApache Integration" link.

9. Click Next

10. Click the go back link.

11. Time to enable LiteSpeed, Click the "Switch to LiteSpeed" link near the bottom.

12. It should successfully switch to LiteSpeed. If it does not please contact support.

13. You will see in the grey bar it now says that LiteSpeed is running.

Done! To login to the Admin Area for LiteSpeed, use the same root password as your server. Username will always be "admin".

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