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Ruby on Rails Installation
Posted by Pacific Host on 04 December 2011 04:56 PM
Here's a simple tutorial on how to get RoR (Ruby on Rails) to work

Step 1: First get your cPanel login ready as this will be your SSH Login info
Step 2: Once you have that confirmed and enabled, SSH into your hosting server using your cPanel Login info
Step 3: Now run the below commands, just type one line, press enter, then the next and so on.
(Replace USER with your cpanel username)

rails /home/USER/testapp 
cd /home/USER/testapp/ 
ruby script/generate controller test 
cd /home/USER/public_html 
ln -s ../testapp/public rails 
chown USER:nobody /home/USER/testapp

Then you could go to and you should see a congratulations page!.
To learn about it and how to get started with using it, visit and
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