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PHPmotion Auto-Installer does not work
Posted by Pacific Host on 05 December 2011 06:07 AM

If you get an error while installing PHPmotion try the following:

Step 1: The script does not CHMOD all the files/folders under the cgi-bin created by the script to 755 thus resulting in a 500 internal server error when installing the script. Need to CHMOD all files/folders recursively in the cgi-bin where PHPmotion is installed.

Step 2: The script does not perform the following steps if installed in a sub-folder. These files will need to be edited manually.
Installing to a Sub-Directory
If you are installing to a sub directory (example:**myvideos**) you should do all the steps above and also the steps below additional steps
Edit the following files to include your subfolder name: (in this example the subfolder name we have inserted is myvideos


temp_dir                 => $ENV{'DOCUMENT_ROOT'} . '/myvideos/temp/',    
upload_dir               => $ENV{'DOCUMENT_ROOT'} . '/myvideos/uploads/avi/',    
redirect_url             => '/myvideos/uploader_finished.php',    
path_to_upload           => '/myvideos/uploads/avi/',


 $path_to_upload_script      = '/myvideos/cgi-bin/'; 
$path_to_ini_status_script  = '/myvideos/cgi-bin/';

#----- if phpmotion is installed in a sub directory edit the RewriteBase as follows -----# # EXAMPLE => RewriteBase /myvideos # EXAMPLE => RewriteBase /myvideos RewriteBase /

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