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Posted by Pacific Host on 05 December 2011 06:37 AM

MP4Box is a MP4 multiplexer. It can import MPEG-4 video, DivX, XviD, 3ivx, h264 etc, audio streams and subtitles into the .mp4 container. The end result is a compliant MP4 stream. It can also extract streams from a .mp4. MP4Box is a command line tool, but can be used with graphical user interfaces such as YAMB or my MP4box GUI.

MP4Box usually generates a temporary file when creating a new IsoMedia file. The location of this temporary file is OS-dependent, and it may happen that the drive/partition the temporary file is created on has not enough space or no write access. In such a case, you can specify a temporary file location with the -tmp path_to_dir option.

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