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WHM Basics
Posted by Rex Boyd on 01 February 2012 06:20 PM

First you will want to complete the WHM Setup Guide. After completing the setup process inside WHM, you'll see a rather large amount of links on the left hand side. In addition you will see a search box in the top left of your browser. This guide runs through some basic links so you can get started. 

We recommend checking out our Video Tutorials and the WHM User Manual for more detailed information regarding WHM. Additionally you can also ask questions on the cPanel Forums.

Using the Search Field in the top you can find the following links:

  • Basic cPanel & WHM Setup - Configure the root email address, primary IP and primary nameservers on the server.
  • Change Root Password - This changes the root password of the server (Not your password to your website) However we recommend that you change your password through our Client Portal instead.
  • Tweak Settings - This allows you to modify certain cPanel settings on the server, we have already configured this for you so we don't recommend changing anything unless you know what you are doing. The top settings this function allows are things like changing the max mail per hour(currently set at 1000), changing how the server handles mail, enabling/disabling stat programs, changing security and much more.
  • Change Hostname - As this states, you can change the name of your server here, however you can also do this inside the Virtual Panel as well.
  • PHP Configuration Editor - This allows you to  modify settings inside your php.ini file to settings that certain scripts may require. We already have the settings at a pretty high level which assures it will work with the majority of social media and video scripts by default
  • Reseller Center - if you wish to create or manager a reseller account, this is the place to do it.
  • Service Status - This displays the load and the current status of the primary services on the server.
  • List Accounts - This will show you a list of cPanel accounts on the server. This is where your website information is stored. If you click the little + icon to the left of the domain name it will give you the ability to change the password of that account. Additionally if you click the cPanel logo icon it will automatically log you into that account. Lastly if you hover your mouse over any account a little edit icon will appear next to the IP, Username and Email Address which you can then click to modify.
  • Create Account - This is where you will go first to create a new cPanel account. Simply put in the domain name such as leaving out any www. Then you can use the pre-assigned username or create your own and then enter your password and email address on the account. For packages we created the "unlimited" package which does not restrict any disk space or bandwidth for the account, or you can create your own package. Once your done with that there is no need to touch any of the other settings beneath the package selection and then just click the "Create" button at the bottom.
  • Add a Package - You can create your own hosting package here with specified limits to disk space, bandwidth and other account features. When creating a new account you will then be able to select this as a package for that account. Additionally under the List Accounts page you can edit the hosting package associated with that account.
  • Edit DNS Zone - This allows you to manage the DNS entries associated with any domains on the server. You can also edit the dns zone inside cPanel for the individual domain you wish to edit. In the same section there are similar links such as Add and Delete a DNS Zone.


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