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Posted by Zach Taylor, Last modified by Zach Taylor on 26 March 2013 03:24 PM

Attention developers!  We fully support the usage of Git on all Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated servers.

For Shared and Reseller clients (with the exception of resold clients under your Reseller package), you will need to fill out the SSH Access Request form before we can allow Git over SSH (we do not yet support git:// on Shared/Reseller servers).

Once you do this, we will reply with the port information for access to SSH, and the Git configuration you'll need to setup a repository and start developing!

Git setup instructions

* Create a git repo locally inside of your home directory (NOT on the server yet)

  mkdir ~/mywebsite.git
  cd ~/mywebsite.git
  git init

* Create a bare repo on the server (SSH Access Required)

  mkdir ~/website.git
  cd ~/website.git
  git init --bare
  vim hooks/post-receive

* Insert the following script into post-receive

  GIT_WORK_TREE=/home/USERNAME/public_html/ git checkout -f

* Make the script executable

  chmod +x hooks/post-receive

* On your local machine, add some files and the configuration

  export SSHPORT=4661
  git remote add
web ssh://$$SSHPORT/home/$USERNAME/website.git
  git add *
  git commit -a -m "initial commit"
  git push web +master:refs/heads/master

* Now you can work on your site locally, then commit your changes with:

  git add file1.txt dir/ dir2/*
  git commit -a -m "added file1.txt and dir/dir2"
  git push web

* Your changes should show up instantly on your website configured on our servers!


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