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Softaculous 2.9 Released!
Posted by Rex Boyd on 07 June 2010 07:08 PM
All of our shared/premium/reseller hosting services have updated to Softaculous 2.9. A list of new features are listed below:

A complete list of changes:

1) We have added a cool new feature. Anyone can now make a Script Package and add it to Softaculous. We call them Custom Scripts. The documentation to make a package is available at
2) An Installatron Converter has been added for the Endusers. The enduser will be able to synchronize installations of scripts that are common in Softaculous and Installatron.
3) phpwcms can also be imported from Fantastico.
4) MySQL name suggestion will have a random number appended at the end.
5) If the mysql database name was more than 7 characters and the account username was more than 8 characters the database was not made in the Softaculous version of Direct Admin. This is a very rare situation, but it has been fixed in Softaculous 2.9 .
6) Softaculous will suggest the user to take a backup in case of a script upgrade being available.
7) Softaculous used to suggest the user that a new upgrade was available, if the latest package of a script was not downloaded and the list of scripts (scripts.php) was downloaded. This has now been fixed.
8) The installation links will now open in a new tab or new window.
9) The Direct Admin open_basedir bug has been rectified.
10) The Security token bug in WHM has been fixed.

Four new scripts were also added:
1) WikkaWiki -> 1.2
2) phpwcms -> 1.4.5
3) bbPress -> 1.0.2
4) phpFreeChat -> 1.3
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The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 2.8
Posted by Rex Boyd on 20 April 2010 03:34 PM
A complete list of changes:

1) A Backup utility has been added into Softaculous. Users can now create and download backups from the Softaculous Panel.

2) A cool new Search feature has been added in Softaculous. This search feature is available throughout Softaculous. Users can type in the script name and they will be redirected to the script itself. A suggestion will also be made as you type in the search box!

3) Users will be shown a message on the Softaculous Index if there is any outdated installations.

4) Ability to choose 'http://', 'https://', 'http://www', 'https://www' while installing scripts has been added.

5) The CRON jobs will email users if there is any newer version of scripts available.

6) A new feature which will enable the Admin to email users having Outdated Installations has been added.

7) The Fantastico importer at the Admin Level has been improved.

8) The Softaculous CORE has been improved for better perfomance.

We hope you enjoy this version of Softaculous. The search feature is a completely new concept and we hope you will like it. Also the backup utility will enable users to backup their installations by the click of a button. You will soon see some more improvements in the versions to come and also some more scripts!
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Softaculous updated to 2.7 on all services
Posted by Rex Boyd on 05 March 2010 01:14 PM
In addition to some new administrator features, Softaculous has the following available for our end-users:

1) Users can now specify an additional email address to email the installation details.

2) Installation details emailed will now consist the Admin Username and Password of the script installation.

3) There will be an Overwrite option for overwriting the files that exist.

4) The cPanel FreeBSD bug which led to an empty domains list is fixed in this version of Softaculous.

5) If security tokens were enabled in cPanel, a user returning from Softaculous to cPanel had to relogin. This is now fixed.

Recently, Softaculous released Clip-Bucket and Vidiscript as scripts that our clients can auto-install in their hosting account.
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