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PacificHost moves dedicated hosting to Peer1's FastFiber Network
Posted by Rex Boyd on 14 June 2011 05:00 PM

PacificHost, a leading provider of Linux-based, cPanel hosting solutions, announced earlier today a strategic move to the FastFiber Network™ owned and managed by dedicated hosting provider ServerBeach and its parents company, PEER 1 Hosting. The move intends to increase PacificHost’s position in the market and expand for future growth.

PacificHost recently moved all of its outsourced dedicated hosting to ServerBeach in order to provide a faster and more stable online hosting platform for it's customers–in addition to furthering the company’s plans to offer cloud hosting services in the near future. This move included a migration of all of PacificHost’s shared, reseller and VPS hosting solutions to ServerBeach.

"Our previous outsourced hosting provider was unable to provide us with the level of service we needed to meet our rapid rate of growth”, said Thomas Perry, president and CEO of PacificHost. “Many of our international clients also expected faster loading times, particularly with the vast amount of video streaming we perform. This move to ServerBeach is essential to continue improving the stability and speed of our platform to grow into the cloud hosting market.”

About PacificHost 
Originally formed in 1999, PacificHost provides high quality shared and reseller hosting solutions to clients worldwide. Hosting includes unique features such as built-in Cloud Software, Video Streaming Software such as FFmpeg, Remote R1soft Backups, LiteSpeed and more.

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About ServerBeach 
ServerBeach, a division of PEER 1 Hosting, offers dedicated servers built By Geeks, For Geeks™. With solid hardware, server automation tools and a 10Gb FastFiber Network, ServerBeach provides Linux and Microsoft users with a low-cost dedicated server, complete with a full suite of developer management tools. 

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Cloud Linux Inc., an innovative software company dedicated to serving the needs of hosting service providers, announces today that PacificHost has revealed a 23% increase in server density on their shared servers by introducing CloudLinux OS. The added stability features from CloudLinux have helped them achieve their goals to offer a secure and reliable hosting services to their customers.

Barely a month after PacificHost’s crucial decision to shift platform and utilize the CloudLinux OS in all its shared and reseller servers, there has already been a considerable increase in performance and reliability. This includes an 11% decrease in support volume due to resource abuse and a 12% increase in productivity in tracking down resource abuse issues. CloudLinux’s unique LVE technology allows PacificHost to split each customer into their own virtual container and assign resources to each user, while also ensuring that they only use those allotted resources. 

CloudLinux is an OS that is designed to isolate users in a shared web hosting environment, allowing for greater efficiency. By creating a virtual environment for each hosting account, CloudLinux averts excessive use of all server resources by any particular user, at any given time. This exclusive isolation technology prevents any individual from slowing down the server – or in severe cases, even taking the entire server offline. This is a common problem for other hosting providers that haven’t yet discovered the benefits of using CloudLinux OS.

“PacificHost utilizes CloudLinux as the foundation for our shared hosting. We always ensure that all our servers are optimized and secured from the get-go but CloudLinux helps provide that extra bit of performance and reliability we are known for,” said Thomas Perry, PacificHost President and CEO. He added, “CloudLinux never fails to impress us with its ability to divide system resources among many customers and prevent slowdowns caused by abusive users. We save approximately $850 per month when all factors are considered which makes CloudLinux well worth it.”

About PacificHost
Established in 1999, PacificHost is now known as the leading provider of the highest quality, feature-rich cPanel Website Hosting and cPanel Reseller Hosting services. It provides the perfect website development and E-commerce solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. The company is fully committed to provide customers with nothing but the most fully-featured and best-quality services at fair and affordable prices, inclusive of 99.9% guaranteed uptime, 24/7/365 Award-winning USA-based customer support and a 45-day Money Back Guarantee.

About CloudLinux
Founded in 2009, CloudLinux was developed to address the unique needs of hosting service providers in an ever-changing market. It is a stable, privately funded company headquartered in Princeton, NJ with its development team based in Donetsk, Ukraine. The people behind the company have significant experience in the hosting business and datacenter market; thus, realized early on that they could fill the market gap by providing an OS with better support at an affordable price. CloudLinux provides the ideal OS to make complex and often contradictory hosting needs a lot simpler and easier. The cutting-edge CloudLinux technology is proven to provide rock-solid and reliable hosting services while driving the costs down. 
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PacificHost adds Free CloudFlare CDN to Hosting service
Posted by Rex Boyd on 25 May 2011 05:00 PM

PacificHost is gift CloudFlare for giveaway in its hosting service. The service formation allows PacificHost customers to login to their manage row and after a couple of clicks be up and running using the CloudFlare CDN on their website.

CloudFlare accelerates and protects websites utilizing multiple methods. CloudFlare has proxy servers located throughout the world. The The servers are used to cache content and deliver it to the visitor closest to the nearest proxy server to ensure that website speeds are increased for the visitor. Additionally CloudFlare uses data from Project Honey Pot and other third party sources to identify malicious traffic and stop attacks and spammers from visiting the website.

PacificHost is offering CloudFlare for free in its hosting service. The service integration allows PacificHost customers to login to their control panel and after a few clicks be up and running using the CloudFlare CDN on their website.

"We are very excited to add CloudFlare as yet another feature to our hosting service, we are always looking for new ways to improve our hosting service and adding CloudFlare only adds value to our hosting service. CloudFlare has a solid product and we are proud to offer it and the features it provides to our clients.” said PacificHost President & CEO, Thomas Perry.

CloudFlare caches content in the event the server the website is on goes down. PacificHost has been working on making this an even more unlikely event by ensuring that all new servers are provisioned with a Raid 10 array. Raid 10 offers complete redundancy across multiple drives. This ensures that should 1 drive fail the server will remain continue functioning with no unexpected downtime. Furthermore having Raid 10 increases read and write speeds on the server meaning that websites will load faster and files will upload quicker.

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About PacificHost
Originally formed in 1999, PacificHost provides high quality shared and reseller hosting solutions to clients worldwide. Hosting includes, 24/7/365 USA Based Support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and an Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

About CloudFlare 
CloudFlare, Inc. ( / @cloudflare) brings the performance and security tools previously reserved for the Internet giants to the rest of the web. Powering thousands of websites, CloudFlare's free service accelerates performance, protects against attacks, and gets smarter as its community expands. CloudFlare can be setup on any website in less than five minutes without any hardware, software, or code changes. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, CloudFlare was the winner of the 2010 Most Innovative Company at TechCrunch Disrupt, 2009 Harvard Business School Business Plan Competition and founded by the engineering team behind Project Honey Pot.

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PacificHost, a provider of Linux based, cPanel Shared and Reseller Hosting Services announced earlier today that the company has made numerous changes to its hosting plan lineup. Additionally, hardware specifications have been raised for all of its services to provide support for a greatery array of software and scripts.

The company has been offering a wide variety of services since its inception back in 1999. In an effort to remain competitive, PacificHost has dropped the disk space and bandwidth limit for its web hosting and business hosting services completely. Additionally, the previous Premium Hosting plans have been changed to Business Hosting for better clarification.

With the drop in service limits, PacificHost is now provisioning servers running with the new E5620 Processor. New servers for its Web Hosting and Business Hosting are running as Dual Processor, Quad Core servers. This comes with the increased demand placed on the servers with social media scripts such as Magento, PHPmotion, Dolphin and others.

"PacificHost has been growing rapidly despite the economy. The enhancement to our services comes with our increase in hardware specs for our servers. Since our service caters to start-ups and developers, I believe it was important to make sure that we could meet the ever-growing demand for these power-hungry websites. PacificHost has gained a reputation for providing hosting without the oversold servers or constantly failing hardware, and that is how I intend to keep it,” said PacificHost President Thomas Perry.

With the limits removed, the company also lowered its pricing to $2.49 for the smallest hosting plan. With this, a 3rd billing cycle was added to all plans in order to meet the growing demand for longer payment terms.

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About PacificHost
Originally formed in 1999, PacificHost provides high quality shared and reseller hosting solutions to clients worldwide. Hosting includes, 24/7 USA Based Support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and a 45 Day money back guarantee.

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27 obtains Better Business Bureau Accreditation
Posted by Rex Boyd on 27 May 2010 09:06 PM
The BBB has a rule of standards required to become BBB Accredited. The BBB has determined that PacificHost meets these standards. Additionally, the company obtained authorization to display the BBB Accredited Business seal on the PacificHost website. Currently the BBB gives PacificHost an "A-" rating. The rating is based on years of records and successful resolution of customer complaints with the BBB.

"The Better Business Bureau has been known as one of the best ways for consumers to find reliable and honest businesses. This is an important milestone for us in establishing a higher credibility as a hosting provider. Receiving accreditation from the BBB will offer new incite to our future customers as to how our company works." said Thomas Perry, the President and CEO of PacificHost.

The BBB requires a company to follow the BBB Accreditation Standards. They report on several aspects of a company based on customer complaints and how the company manages them. Such standards require honest advertising, transparent business management, privacy protection and honor promises.

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To learn more on BBB Accreditation Standards, please visit:

About PacificHost
Originally formed in 1999, PacificHost provides high quality shared and reseller hosting solutions to clients worldwide. Hosting includes, 24/7 USA Based Technical Support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and a 45 Day money back guarantee.
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PacificHost, a provider of linux based, shared and reseller hosting announced earlier today the release of a new backup service utilizing R1Soft. PacificHost also announced the availability of the PostgreSQL Database system, available in in all of its hosting services.

A new partnership with R1Soft has allowed PacificHost to offer a remote backup service all of it's customers. R1Soft is an enterprise backup solution that provides Continuous Data Protection using CDP Agents and a Server Repository. This technology seemlessly backups data incrementaly, which minimizes server resource usage.

"This is great service to be offering our clients, the ability for them to purchase their own remote backups, whether they host with us or not. R1Soft has always been known for their reliability and security which is why we decided to go the extra mile and offer R1Soft Backups." said Thomas Perry, the President and CEO of PacificHost.

The R1Soft technology automatically creates a snapshot of a users hosting account. The backup would include databases along with files stored in the account directory. The software then encrypts, compresses and stores the files on a separate backup server. The client can login the web panel at anytime to automatically restore any files, without the need for support.

Additionally, PacificHost added support for the PostgreSQL database platform. All clients have access to the database, accessible from their control panel. Customers now have the flexibiltiy to choose from MySQL or PostgreSQL as a platform to build their website.

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About PacificHost
Originally formed in 1999, PacificHost provides high quality shared and reseller hosting solutions to clients worldwide. Hosting includes, 24/7 Technical Support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and a 30 Day money back guarantee.

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