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Forge Server Maintenance on 6/14/11 10PM EST
Posted by Rex Boyd on 13 June 2011 05:00 PM

At approximately 6:00AM PST we received an alert from the Forge Serve stating that the temperature of the Battery was too high. We promptly investigated the matter and determined the temperature of the batterly located inside the server was at 122°F. This is much higher than normal and thus we have scheduled maintenance on this server scheduled to take place tonight at 10PM EST. The datacenter will have to bring down the server and replace the battery inside the server.

The Battery Backup Unit simply provides power to the server in the event the datacenter loses power. There is no imminent danger to the server itself. Even if the Backup Unit fails the server will remain offline. We are taking a pro-active measure to have the unit replaced in order to ensure maximum server redundancy.

What: Server battery temperature is too high indicating failure of the BBU
When: 10PM EST June 14th, 2011
How long: Estimated downtime between 10-40 minutes

Please check out our PacificHost Status page which will detail the status of the server at the time of the replacement, you can find it at

Please do not submit a support ticket regarding this if your site happens to go down for a brief period over the next 12 hours as it will likely relate to this incident. We apologize for the inconvenience however hope you appreciate this pre-warning as we believe it is best to keep our customers informed of any issues or outages instead of keeping you in the dark.

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