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PacificHost, a leading provider of Linux-based cPanel hosting solutions for video and  social media websites, announced on Monday it has partnered with website security services provider, StopTheHacker. The partnership integrates PacificHost services with services offered by StopTheHacker to protect the online reputation of websites and e-businesses.

With StopTheHacker, clients will have the ability to easily enable features that will protect them from being blacklisted or even hacked. The service also monitors the website reputation daily to ensure the websites position in major search engines such as Google.

"More than 6,000 websites get hacked everyday and get blacklisted by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Having your website blacklisted is a death knell for businesses as customers are prevented from visiting compromised sites by modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and others. It is imperative to keep websites free of malware and stay off blacklists." says Anirban Banerjee, Co-Founder of Stopthehacker.

PacificHost worked with StopTheHacker to offer a unique integration that allows clients to enable website security from inside their PacificHost Control Panel. The security services does not require any software installation and is easy to setup and use. The service features direct-to-consumer alerts in case of malware injection by a hacker, access to a powerful online dashboard at Stopthehacker and the latest Artificial Intelligence based technology. The service monitors the website 24x7 to ensure the website is always online and secure.

"This partnership allows us to offer a more unique feature-rich hosting experience for our customers. With the recent integration with Attracta we are able to offer 1-click SEO Tools and now we are able to offer 1-click Website Security tools available to our clients to help protect their websites. We are pleased to partner with StopTheHacker and provide our customers with more features and a compelling service portfolio to ensure their business success.", said Thomas Perry, president and CEO of PacificHost.

About PacificHost 
Originally formed in 1999, PacificHost provides high quality shared and reseller hosting solutions to clients worldwide. Hosting includes unique features such as built-in Cloud Software, Video Streaming Software such as FFmpeg, Remote R1soft Backups, LiteSpeed and more.

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About StopTheHacker 
Stopthehacker is a highly focused website security service company, providing SaaS services to hoisters, website owners, administrators and web designers. Stopthehacker's technology supported by the National Science Foundation has won multiple awards since 2009. Stopthehacker is based in Southern California with customers and partners spread all over the globe.

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