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Server Upgrades September 1-15th
Posted by Rex Boyd on 28 August 2011 05:00 PM

We will be upgrading all the hardware across all of our hosting services, this applies to Shared, Reseller and VPS Hosting services. The upgrade will allow us to offer a more reliable and faster hosting solution to all of our clients. The upgrade will not be noticeable as it will be a seamless transition from one service to another.

This is a required upgrade that will ensure the reliability and scalability of our hosting solutions in the coming months. Over the past 6 months we have had 2 Raid 10 failures which is unacceptable by our means, therefore we are implementing changes to the network and hardware to ensure that we provide nothing but the best hosting service possible.

What services does this apply to?
This applies to all Shared, Reseller and VPS Hosting services.

Will my website go down or become slow?
No, your website will remain online during the entire process, you won't even know the upgrade is occurring. 

Will I lose any data?
Once the restore is complete on the new hardware, the data we will use to restore your website with may be 1-2 days old. However we will be performing a sync with the live server before pointing your website to the new hardware to ensure all the data is up to date. Therefore no data should be lost during the process. If you find that you uploaded some new data or are missing some videos that you had before but no longer have, just send an email to support@pacifichost.comand we can perform a manual sync to ensure that your data is re-synced. 

Do I have to do anything if I am on a Reseller plan or a VPS?
If you are on shared hosting we will be able to handle everything for you. If you are on a reseller or VPS we will have to give you a new set of IPs to use for your nameserver and VPS installation. We will send out an email before the transfer takes place to ensure you are fully up to date with the new IP Information and when you need to make the change.

What this upgrade will allow us to deliver

  • Scalable Hosting solutions with greater redundancy than ever before
  • Better hardware to ensure higher reliability
  • Faster Website Loading Speeds
  • NEW Hybrid Server Solutions coming soon
  • NEW Cloud Hosting coming soon 

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