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2 Server Upgrade
Posted by Sarwan Jassi on 02 November 2018 02:59 AM

Dear Customer,

Please read the email in its entirety as it requires your immediate attention.

The server your account resides on, server, will begin a planned move to new hardware on November 02, 2018. This move is required to upgrade the server's operating system from Centos 5.x/6.x, which has been phased out for support, to CentOS 7.x. It is important that we discuss any questions you have on the matter with you or your technical team as soon as possible.

The exact time and date for the switch to the new hardware will be announced through the 'Announcements' section of We suggest no significant changes are made to your website after you receive the second notification.

Please understand that this upgrade will increase security levels on your server, including the way your email functions. If you are using software such as Outlook 2013 or earlier, or MacMail while on versions earlier than High Sierra, you will have the following options for your email:

1. Upgrade your version of Outlook to 2016 or macOS to High Sierra 10.13
2. Download and use the free mail software from Mozilla called Thunderbird
3. Use the free webmail option that comes with your account


If your web applications and/or content were developed, or formatted, explicitly for the CentOS5.x/6.x operating system, there may be compatibility issues that you or your development team will need to bring up to date with the new CentOS 7.x operating system. Any PHP scripts that were installed using Softaculous, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, etc., will be auto updated. Any scripts that were installed manually will be imported into Softaculous and managed through that interface. If for any reason the script that you are running cannot be updated, it will need to be replaced with a script that is. If it is determined that the outdated script poses a security risk to the server, it will be disabled.

We will be updating MySQL 5.6, Apache 2.4 and PHP to the latest stable releases from their respective release trees. In addition to PHP 5.6, we will also provide PHP 7.x using the latest EasyApache installation from cPanel. The move will result in completely giving up on FrontPage extensions, which are now deprecated and have been replaced with WebDAV.

Our design team is available for customers that need assistance with making their website compatible with the new versions of PHP or MySQL. Contact us for a quote at

You will want to make sure you have backups of your site’s files, content, database, and custom themes/plugins/modules. These backups should be
downloaded and stored locally. Please do not store them on the server. Due to the nature of the updates that are needed, there will be no extensions granted. If you are unable to, or forget to create your own backups, our system does keep backups for 3-5 calendar days. Any accessible backups will be zipped up and made available to you to download locally through our Managed Shared Hosting program. For all scripts that are auto updated,
we will not allow any rollbacks or restores to previous versions of the scripts you are using.

The final step of the upgrade will require that we change the server’s primary IP to Customers that have a dedicated IP will be notified of
their new IP through the helpdesk. In some situations, it will be necessary to clear the DNS cache on your local PC or Mac. It is common for ISPs to cache
websites you frequently visit. For help clearing your cache, please visit

Following the upgrade to your server, AutoSSL will be automatically enabled for your account. If your site is not already configured with the https:// prefix, our technicians will be happy to assist you with this.

Please note that you may check the current status for this server at any time in CAP via through the 'Announcements' section of

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience in the interim. If you have any issues with your site, or need assistance, please contact

Pacifichost System Administrator Team

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